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newgrounds admin style!!

2009-03-22 22:32:06 by gwiguig

I made this drawing of me in the (buff) newgrounds admin style but for some reason I cant upload it as my avatar... and this sucks!!!! Can someone help me?
BTW here's the drawing and dont hesitate to post comments!:

**Edit :
I did it!!! yay X3 so yeah... itdd be cool if you guys did it too! the more we are, the more awesome well be!

newgrounds admin style!!

ya just wanted to share my art! I may not be well known but yep.. I'm an artist XD well you can see my stuff on
okay so Just so you know, I take comissions! (for free of course XD) and It can be ANYTHING(as long as it<s manga-related). From Chibi to hentai (actually I like drawing that^^) So aniway you can request anything or just visit my site!
Oh and I also do photo manipulation so if you send me a photo and a request I can do something =D

somewhat constructive post: My deviantart


2008-12-23 15:24:00 by gwiguig

I<ve got funeral today !

none =D

2008-03-23 22:13:28 by gwiguig